Restaurants serving Shark Fin in Calgary

For almost two years Shark Fin Free Calgary has been asked to release it’s restaurant list … the time has come

We are pleased to advise that our efforts have prompted several restaurants to remove shark fin from their menus.
SFFC will be working with restaurant owners to become Certified Shark Fin Free over the coming months via the creation of our Certified Shark Fin Free program and registry that will also be available on our web site.

The restaurants below stated that they did serve shark fin soup at the time of our survey.

Shark fin soup is most commonly served at Chinese weddings.  Attending a wedding this summer?  Ask the bride & groom if they are serving shark fin and if you may opt out?  This also saves the new couple a considerable expense for that one dish.

Please consider patronizing alternative restaurants until these restaurants have been confirmed as having removed shark fin from their menu’s altogether.  listed in alphabetical order

  • Beijing Dragon Restaurant Ltd.                   7 Crowfoot Rise NW                 403-208-3533
  • Bobby Chao’s                                              18, 34 Edgedale Drive NW       403-207-7840
  • Bonavista Peking House                             755 Lake Bonavista Drive SE   403-271-5777
  • Central Grand Restaurant                          1623 Centre Street NW             403-277-2000
  • Cheung’s Kitchen                                        3-2111 Centre Street NW         403-277-9933
  • China Palace Restaurant                            21-6219 Centre Street NW       403-275-2386
  • China Sea Restaurant Ltd.                         4323 Macleod Trail SW             403-287-6688
  • Cultural Centre Restaurant                         197-1st Street SW                     403-457-0072
  • Emerald Seafood Restaurant Ltd                999 36 Street NE                      403-273-2399
  • Emperor Seafood                                        197 – 1st Street NW                  403-265-4738
  • Forbidden City Dim Sum and Seafood        999 36 Street NE                       403-250-1848
  • Ginger Beef Peking House (Willow Park)    10816 Macleod Trail South        403-271-2233
  • Golden Inn Restaurant                                   107-2nd Ave SE                           403-269-2211
  • Happy Hill Seafood                                      806 Centre Street N                   403-276-3288
  • Harbour City                                                 302 Centre Street South
  • Ho Won Restaurant                                      2nd Avenue SE (2nd Floor)       403-266-2234
  • Home Food Inn                                             5222 Macleod Trail SW
  • Lucky Place Restaurant                                 108 3 Ave SW, Calgary, AB         403-474-9000
  • New Dynasty Restaurant                              150 Crowfoot Cres. NW, #201   403-239-3300
  • New Dynasty Restaurant                              575 28th Street SE Bay 15        403-248-0061
  • New Dynasty Restaurant                              400-388 Country Hills Blvd NE  403-226-5828
  • Pebble Street Restaurant                             220 999 36 Street NE                403-204-1616
  • Peking Garden                                             4625 Varsity Drive NW               403-286-0488
  • Prince Seafood Restuarant                          2825 32 Ave NW                        403-250-8880
  • Regency Palace                                           335-328 Centre Street South     403-777-2288
  • Shibuya Izakaya                                            449 16 Avenue NE                      403-277-8823
  • Silver Dragon Restaurant                          106 3rd Avenue SE                    403-264-5326
  • Snow Palace                                                45 Crowfoot Rise NW                 403-208-3533
  • Sun’s BBQ Restaurant                                1423 Centre Street NW             403-230-8890
  • Treasures of China                                      130 3rd Ave SE                           403-232-6333
  • T-pot China Bistro                                       9650 Harvest Hills Blvd.          403-532-3982
  • Tenshi Sushi                                                 304 10th Street NW                    403-457-0370
  • U & Me Restaurant                                       201, 233 Centre Street SW        403-264-5988
  • Oishii Sushi                                                   338-8338 18 st SE                        403-475- 8333


NOT IN CALGARY BUT IN BANFF: The Grizzly House Restaurant also features shark on their menu

  •          The Grizzly House                            207 Banff Ave, Banff Alberta   403-762-4055

If there is a restaurant serving shark fin missing from this list please advise SFFC immediately to have their name added.  Thank you

*DISCLAIMER*   The information on this list are the results from an independent survey group (that included Chinese Canadians) conducted on behalf of Shark Fin Free Calgary during July & August of 2011 and this information could be out of date.
If you know of OR are a restaurant on this list that no longer serves shark fin please contact SFFC immediately to undergo our certification process, to be removed from this list and to become Certified Shark Fin Free.

i    Most Asian restaurants that have banquet facilities are able to order shark fin soup as special order if requested, even if not on the menu
ii   Many restaurants offered different answers to the question of whether they served shark fin, depending on whether the question was asked in English, or Cantonese/Mandarin
iii  Often English menu’s left off the Shark Fin dishes however in the Chinese Character version of the same menu Shark Fin was available

Additionally there are numerous supermarkets and stores selling Shark Fins, the two largest ones to avoid are:
(with your help we will be adding to this list as well)

  • T & T Supermarket (Harvest Hills)        9650 Harvest Hills Blvd NE
  • T & T Supermarket (Pacific Place)        999 36 Street NE

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