Speak-up at the Public Consultation

After almost 2 years of campaigning for shark protection locally via public education & outreach as well as working with City Council to promote the adoption of a Shark Fin by-law the time has come for YOU to speak.

10:00am on Wednesday,May 8th, 2013 the City of Calgary’s Community and Protective Services Committee will be meeting.
All members of the public are welcome to attend and speak at this meeting.

The meeting will take place in the Engineering Traditions Committee room in Historic City Hall, first floor.  If you enter through the Historic City Hall there is a security desk as you enter and the person there can direct you very easily.  Note: you enter Historic City Hall on the second floor.
If you enter through the Municipal Building there is an information booth in the main atrium that will be able to direct you.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 (starts at 9:30am) Try to get there for 10:00am
Note* The Community and Protective Services Committee Chair sets the agenda for committee and will be encouraged to deal with this early in the agenda. We are the third agenda item and likely starting after 10:00am.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a specific time for this agenda item

HOW does public speaking at committee work? 
Every member of the public is allowed to make a 5 minute presentation.  The chair of the Community and Protective Services Committee will first ask Administration to present their report.  After the presentation, the chair will ask if there are members of the public who wish to speak to this item.  Please declare your interest at that time by stepping forward to the table with microphones.  Members of the public speak one at a time and will be able to provide their presentation uninterrupted. After your presentation, committee members may have questions.
*If you wish to distribute written documentation please email Shark Fin Free Calgary for further details.

The following are the general rules of conduct when a member of the public is speaking at a Committee and/or Council meeting:
When invited by the Chair, come forward to speak.
Speak directly into the voice activated microphone.
Introduce yourself to the Committee, and please spell your name for the record.
Out of respect for all speakers, please adhere to the 5 minute time frame.

WHAT to say?
Most everyone agrees that shark-finning is cruel and wrong.
However the core of the issue remains conservation and sustainability affecting the health of the worlds oceans.
Bring it back to basics; ‘healthy oceans need sharks & all humans need healthy oceans’ and ‘extinction is forever’ to help you present your case.
It is important to speak from your heart, why this is important to you & why you feel that council should take definative action without further delay.
Yes, shark fins are legal now, but does that make it morally and ethically right?
This is the process of how we democratically create laws for the the greater good of all.
Based on public opinion pols over 70% of Calgarians and Canadians are demanding tangible action on the subject of shark fins.  Please come and be apart of this exciting process, stand up for your beliefs, be heard and show council  that the democratic majority is still here and engaging in this process!

Then what happens?
After the public speaks, Committee members will ask Administration to return to the front and may have more questions of Administration.  At this meeting Committee will vote on the recommendations.  At this time, they can accept the recommendations as they appear or make changes.  Committee then makes a recommendation to be debated at a full meeting of Council held at a later date.

NEXT Council meeting – tentatively May 27, 2013
Once voted upon by Committee, the recommendations, as approved by Committee, will then go to City Council for a final vote.  This meeting will likely occur on May 27, 2013.  At this meeting, recommendations can be passed, defeated or changed by City Council.  Once a motion is passed by City Council, this represents a final decision.  The public is not able to speak to this item at a City Council meeting but the public is welcome to attend.

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