Revolution, the film

SFFC had the pleasure of being invited to preview Rob Stewart’s new film REVOLUTION.  Here’s what our team thought:

75 percent of global forests are gone due to deforestation.
The ocean has increased in acidity by 30 percent in the past 100 years.
Those are scary statistics; REVOLUTION is filled with them.
REVOLUTION is full of hauntingly beautiful images of amazing landscapes, both oceanic and terrestrial.  Loaded with harrowing statistics about our state of the global environment yet splashed with optimistic messages, the film provides examples of both small and large revolutionary efforts to take back the planet and fight for its ecologically diverse survival. It is safe to say that the follow up to Sharkwater will not disappoint.

The various topics discussed in REVOLUTION include; shark finning (beginning with a brief Sharkwater revisit), coral reefs, ocean acidification, carbon emissions, deforestation, conservation movements, corporations and international politics, complete with corruption, progressive and failed efforts.  Weaving you through this tangled web of issues, Stewart takes you on a journey around the world with him offering incredible insight and providing some clarity.  On a filmography note, the transitions from one topic to another were quite seamless, often transporting you to another part of the globe before you actually realized it.

Everyone needs to see this film.
We, as a global community, cannot afford to go any longer than right now – literally right now – without hearing this film’s message and becoming responsible global citizens by taking action to save our future and our planet.

The intention of this film is to change the world.
Guaranteed; it impacted the life of every individual in the theater that night, even the guy who stated that he was a pessimist.
Rob responded: “I’m so sorry you’re a pessimist…that must suck.”
We have the choice to do something, all of us, everyday in every way.  Vote with your voice, your dollars and your choices.

“There is nothing more important than conservation, because conservation is the preservation of all human life on earth.” Rob Stewart

April 12, 2013, REVOLUTION launches, nationwide. Go see it!

Revolution Film Trailer

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