Attend the Final Vote

Monday, January 28th, 2013 @ 9:00am – 10:30/11:00am

Calgary City Hall:  800 McLeod Trail SE, Calgary Alberta
Where is the Chamber – Once you enter the main floor of Calgary City Hall you will find the Council Chamber in the middle of the large atrium next to the escalators.  Doors are on the north & south side of the Chamber and we will have two SFFC persons at each entrance wearing SFFC t-shirts and name tags.  Look for Kristen, Joanna, Tam, Ingrid or Dave at these entrances and they will direct you to the seats in the Chamber as well as answer any questions you might have.

Chamber doors open at 9:00am and we will need to file in quietly to fill the seats.
Session begins at 9:30am and we are the first agenda item after routine meeting opening items.

Expect to watch debating amongst the councilors, however no one from the public is allowed to address the council.  After the debate and possible amendments to the by-law council will vote on the second reading of this by-law.  If it is passed they will immediately go to the third reading of the by-law without further debate.  If it passes again, then we officially will have our by-law to ban shark fin in Calgary.  Once this is over please quietly exit the chambers to the doors closest to you.

Chambers etiquette – please only whisper before the session, no talking during session.  Think ‘Library voice’.

Please wear your SFFC t-shirts or something BLUE so we look like a unified group and we can easily find each other.

If you are approached by anyone in the media please direct them to any one of the 5 SFFC persons noted above.  We have a dedicated media spokesperson and this has ensured clear, consistent delivery of our messaging throughout the entire campaign.  This remains essential to propel our efforts further on other political fronts as well.

Members of the opposition may try to engage you (positively or negatively).  Please decline to comment or direct them to one of our team.  It is essential that we do not engage, but rather keeping a polite, positive and professional image.  Remember the media will be filming off & on so HOW we look will show in their coverage.  Some of the oppositions claims may upset you but please just smile and walk away peacefully (we know this is hard).

Getting there, parking, c-train, etc.
1)  The C-Train stops right in front of the old city hall (see map) & from there you can walk around the building into the new blue buildings main entrances.  C-train is FREE on 7th Avenue so if you have to park further away you can take the C-train in the core for free.
2) Parking – there are many parking lots, indoor & out, along 9th Avenue and there should still be some spaces left at that time.  Check the map again to find more options.
3) Consider carpooling with some other people attending from our Facebook event page.  Leave a message with your departure point and see who else is going from there.


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