Call your Alderman

Since we are now past Fridays close of business please follow the link to email your Alderman your support!

Thank you for supporting a new by-law in Calgary to ban shark fin!
You have likely already signed our petition and supported the campaign for the past 18 months. We are now down to the final vote at Calgary City Hall on Monday, January 28th, 2013.

But you want to do more!

Have your voice heard one more time, pick up the phone and call  EMAIL your Alderman
403-268-2430 and ask to speak with them

Don’t know who your Alderman is?  Click here to find out

…don’t just email if you can call because a phone call has a much broader reaching impact than a simple email
After end of business on Friday, Jan 25th email will be your only option, so please leave an email then
Expect to leave a message and rest assured your message will get through

Please share this with your personal network as well via email, facebook, twitter, etc.

Would you like to join us at City Hall on Monday, January 28th as well?  Click here for details

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