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Current: 11,997
Target:    10,000

Thank-you Calgary!!!  We have surpassed our original target of 10,000 signatures on our Calgary shark fin ban petition.
Our focus has now shifted to support federal petitions to be presented in the House of Commons in support of additional shark fin legislation.

We only use paper petitions because they actually count!
While the paper process is a lot more work it will ultimately generate better results at all levels of government and is the only legal petition format accepted by Ottawa. Please Download PDFs of our petitions (below), print it off, sign it, PLUS get everyone you know to sign it too and then mail it back to the address on the bottom of the page

NOTE*  When signing federal petitions, the MINIMUM two (2) required items to make it valid is:

Signature & Address (i.e. City, Province & Postal Code)   PEN ONLY PLEASE    phone & email are desired but optional  

Petition to support Bill C380 – Canadian Shark Fin Import Ban

This petition shows your support for Canadian legislation that bans the import of shark fin products into Canada (a new federal law).
Note* Please follow directions exactly or Ottawa will deem your signature invalid for this petition


For further details on the completion of this petition please download the official Government of Canada instructions on completing petitions.

Federal Fisheries Petition

Our second petition is directed at the Federal Government to amend Canadian fishing regulations to protect all sharks in Canadian waters up to a minimum of reproductive age. Please download here:

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