This article demonstrates the reason why we must simply stop the demand for shark fin!  Hat’s off to the Kawe tribe.  Without demand for these products the Kawe people could focus on rebuilding the MPA rather than policing it.

In Indonesia, Community Patrol Shuts Down Shark Crimes

Nestled to the northwest of the Island of New Guinea, within Indonesia’s West Papua Province, there is a 46,000 square kilometer stretch of ocean spotted with a stunning chain of small islands named Raja Ampat (the Four Kings). Sitting at the center of the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat is famous for its unparalleled marine biodiversity-there are more marine species recorded there than any other place on Earth of that size.

What makes this story unique is not what the poachers took out of the water — an estimated market value of $160,000 USD of shark fins, shark and ray carcasses and sea cucumbers. No, the exceptional part of this story is that these fishermen were intercepted and stopped by a local community patrol led by the rightful custodians of this area, the Kawe tribe.

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