Be Heard

Want to know more about what happened on May 27, 2013?  (details coming soon)
Want to know more about what happened on May 8th?  (click for full details)

Many people often ask us, what can I do personally to help end shark finning and create positive change?
There are many things you can do!

  • Reconsider patronizing restaurants that serve shark fin!  (Who Serves Shark Fin in Calgary?)
  • Eat at restaurants that do NOT serve or have stopped serving Shark Fin – be sure to thank them
  • Spread the word about our organization and other shark saving initiatives around the world! The more people learn about what is happening to sharks and the value that sharks have in our world, the more opinions will change
  • Personally call your Member of Parliment and explain to him/her that you support a shark fin free Calgary & Canada, a simple phone call can go a long way!
  • Watch the Canadian documentary film, Sharkwater and host mini screenings of your own to spread awareness

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