Vote with your $

If you believed strongly that second hand smoke was bad for you, you were likely to have avoided restaurants that allowed smoking until the by-law prohibiting it was established.  This is Voting With Your $!  Telling business owners that you will refuse to patronize their restaurants until they change their habits to be more responsible.

The same thing goes for Shark Fin.
We all know it’s wrong, but a few business’s prefer to turn a blind eye for the sake of profit, not matter how they try to rename it.

There are multiple restaurants in Calgary that currently serve shark fin please check our list before selecting a restaurant to dine at
If you know of a restaurant that is serving Shark Fin’s and is not on this list please send us a note – your anonymity is guaranteed.

Please reconsider patronizing restaurants that serve shark fin!

If you are walking in, stand by your convictions and politely ask if they serve shark fin.  If the answer is yes, politely tell them you will be happy to come back once they have taken it off their menu’s.  (or replaced it with a certified sustainable source)

NOTE * there is NO currently available traceable, sustainable & ethical source of shark fin available in the world!

Please don’t be misled.
BUT this is an evolutionary process and there may be a time when this type of solution is available.  It’s important to keep our minds open to positive change and encourage it by voting with your wallet!

Shark Fin Free Calgary would also like to acknowledge those restaurants that have chosen to go Shark Fin Free by launching our municipal certification program.  Details are still being worked through however you can stay informed of our progress via our Certified Shark Fin Free page.

If a fully traceable, sustainable & ethical source becomes available SFFC will publish, announce and support this option as well.
We have no idea how long this could take but we would support a scientifically proven viable solution.

There are two additional things you can do:
1 – If a restaurant is not serving shark fin, please have them contact us.
SFFC will begin to reward those restaurants by Certifying them Shark Fin Free.
2 – If a restaurant is serving shark fin, please let us know immediately to have them added to our list.
3 – Post restaurant reviews on Buycot, Trip Advisor, Urban Spoon, Yelp, etc.  Include whether a restaurant is shark fin free or serving in your rating

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